Waveland and Clark Furniture Store

A project done with Gotham Pixel Factory. The client had the classic combination of little money and a tight deadline. We chose Shopify as a platform due to its pre-existing UI to enter products and set up a store. We wanted to focus on delivering a good experience and not have to worry about building out code to process credit cards and accept orders. Even though Shopify does provide a quick way to get a store up and running, there was plenty of development to be done. A client never wants the pre-existing functionality or theme so we had to write a good amount of custom code to bend Shopify to our will.

We built out heirarchies not natively supported in the Shopify system to allow the client to have breadcrumbs and sub-navs on section pages. We also built a custom nav that pulled in features in addition to the standard list of links. We also added functionality to do product overlays on the search results page which on hover make an Ajax call to pull in more information about a product. Finally, we also did work to map the data from the client’s legacy systm into Shopify. Shopify has a pretty locked in content schema so we had to use an add-on metadata plugin to capture all of the client’s data. We were able to migrate their data without having the client go in and manually re-enter all of their products.

With all of the requirements and tight deadlines, we were able to finish the site on time and stayed under budget.

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