I’m a web developer, musician, recording engineer, and old house afficiando. As a web developer I have over 15 years of experience working on major websites such as food52.comepicurious.combonappetit.comifc.comnewyorker.comvanityfair.com, and ivillage.com. As a musician, I'm interested in recording music using all analog techniques. You'll find examples of both my web development and music projects on this site.


  • Javascript, ES6

  • React, Redux, lodash, Fluxible, Backbone, lodash

  • Node.js, Express, webpack, Grunt, Browserify

  • HTML5/CSS/SASS/Compass/Bourbon

  • JSX, Handlebars, Moustache, ERB

  • WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Play! Framework, Shopify, Spring

  • git, hg, vim, bash


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